About me


I’m a young engineer, basically a science enthusiast who love what he’s doing: working, studying, traveling…which is nice.

I grew up in a small town in Italy, in the north-eastern region of the Country, not far from Venice but far enough to be closer to the Alps than the sea. In my town we are just few thousands people, living on the feet of some beautiful hills where vineyards are cultivated since 1500.
My father taught me that one needs to be always ready to face life challenges, giving me  the grit to keep working on my skills; in the meanwhile my mother’s love for teaching induced my enthusiasm for learning.
Thanks to my parents’ vision I’ve been two weeks in England when I was just 13-years-old, and I’ve also been six months in New Zealand as an exchange student in 2009 – which has been one of the best experiences in my life. I was hosted by a beautiful kiwi couple, Mark and Yvonne; there I studied in the Whangaparaoa College as any other New Zealand student and I took classes of both English and Maori language.
My curiosity took me in Nepal in 2013, where I spent 2 weeks trekking around the Annapurna range. With the same spirit I went in the eastern Kashmir last summer, hiking on the high valleys between Pakistan, India and Tibet.

In 2015 I’ve been in Japan, working at Tohoku University as research student. There I had the chance to start and develop a research project, looking for a new material for biomedical applications. In that 6 months period I developed a novel metal quasi-alloy, its properties are promising and further investigation are ongoing in the lab now.

On December 18th (2015) I earned the Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering obtaining the maximum grade with honors, presenting my work at Tohoku University as master’s thesis.

Right after the graduation I was selected for a Graduate Trainee program called ABSNext, of the Danieli’s steelmaking section. During this 1-year-long program I went through several department in the plant, so to have an overview of the whole production process. In particular I’ve been in the Meltshop, Domestic Logistic, Expedition and Purchasing Departments.

Since November 2016 I am working in Lima Corporate, an orthopaedic devices company. Here I am in the R&D department,  part of the “Pro Made” team which designs custom orthopedic implants for special needs. In this process I work both as designer  an project manager, developing the device in cooperation with the surgeon from the diagnosis to the surgical procedure.

My Curriculum Vitae