About me

I’m a young engineer, basically a science enthusiast who love what he’s doing: working, studying, traveling…which is nice.

I grew up in a small town in Italy, in the north-eastern region of the Country, not far from Venice but far enough to be closer to the Alps than the sea. In my town we are just few thousands people, living on the feet of some beautiful hills where vineyards are cultivated since 1500.
My father taught me that one needs to be always ready to face life challenges, giving me  the grit to keep working on my skills; in the meanwhile my mother’s love for teaching induced my enthusiasm for learning.

Science has always been at the core of my educational path; nevertheless, I have always tried to broaden my knowledge beyond scientific subjects. I believe that having a diverse background is key for a deeper understanding of the world surrounding us.

I made the big step out of my comfort zone when, 17-years-old, I spent a six-months-long period in New Zealand, hosted in a local family along with another guy from Berlin. We were attending the local high school, north of Auckland, in which we were the only European students. In the same period I attended the Maori language courses to dive into the local culture. That experience was a milestone in my personal development.
I kept seeking new perspectives in other culture-engaging travels in the following years, going to the high valleys of Nepal in 2013 and the cultural melting pot of Kashmir in 2016.

My passion for bioengineering formed during high school when studying human biology, and was later refined during University where I studied specific courses like biomechanics. In the last year of University I submitted the request for an international research programme at the Tohoku University in Japan, where I worked for six month as a researcher. In that period I managed a self-driven research project, with the supervision of the lab’s professor, aimed to design a new material for implantable devices.

All those experiences are now helping me in delivering my service as project engineer at ProMade. In my team custom orthopaedic implants are developed; each design is unique depending on the patient and surgeon’s needs (some of my works can be seen on prof.Hart’s website http://www.complexhipsurgery.com/ ).

I look for increasing the diversity in my educational and working background, to engage new challenges while staying true to my personal mission of making a difference in others’ life through my work.

My Curriculum Vitae