COLABS update: last rush before the deadline


I’ve been absent for quite long, I’ve been both busy and lazy, but here we have a new update.

Last time I talked about the promising results of the XRD analysis of my samples. After that almost two weeks have passed and I figured out what the unexpected peaks are (metastable intermetallics), measured the elastic modulus and the magnetic susceptibility of the samples.

As I wrote in my first article about my research the aim of the project is to obtain a novel alloy with a very low magnetic susceptibility and good mechanical properties to be used as an alternative to titanium in orthopedics. So the magnetic susceptibility is one of the most important results of my experiment.
The XRD spectra showed that there were no phase changes even at high alloying element concentration (3%), I mean that in cast alloys the phase constitution of the metal moves from alpha to beta between 2 and 3% alloying element content, and it’s fully beta before reaching the 3% value. That was an encouraging result because the alpha phase is mechanically better than both the omega and beta ones, so it’s a desirable situation.
The point is that once we have no phase changes between the alloys the only factor that effect the magnetic properties is the chemical composition. In fact there are very little differences in the magnetic susceptibility between the three alloys. This means that the quantity of the alloying element is not enough to lower the magnetic susceptibility by itself.

So what I’m about to do in the close future is to prepare an high alloying element content alloy (10%) and see what happens, talking about the phase constitution and  the magnetic properties, to check if the alloying element itself is effective as a magnetic response suppressor.
In the meanwhile I will continue the characterization of the samples I already prepared, analyzing the mechanical properties (bending tests) and the microstructure, which are both expected to be interesting since the phase constitution is not the equilibrium one. So I’m expecting surprises from those tests.

And here comes the bad news: my deadline for the experimental part is the 1st of July, so only three weeks to go and plenty of tests to run and data to analyze. It will be a rush, hope its worth it…

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