COLABS perspectives

COLABS perspectives


Well I haven’t been writing for a while now, and I’m not going to explain it here so let’s go straight to the point: COLABS.

As you know the COLABS program is what took me here so it’s the core of my exchange experience…well in this period I’m going to do some research around metals alloys for biomedical application, which fit perfectly what I’ve been studying for the last two years. Continue reading “COLABS perspectives”


Download bay opening – Bioengineering

Hello everyone!

As I was saying, this is to announce the opening of the new page “Download bay“, where I’m going to share with you some files, mainly science articles/papers/notes.

Today I decided to roll-out the first file: Bioengineering principles, I’m sorry for the english speaking people ’cause my notes are in italian.

Continue reading “Download bay opening – Bioengineering”