Curriculum Vitae



Project Engineer (R&D)- Lima Corporate spa, S.Daniele d.F. (IT)
11/2016 – today

Project management and engineering of customised implants for special needs. The project starts with the diagnosis and ends in theatre; during the whole development the project is followed by one person who interact with the surgeon in each step and designs the implant itself as well, in case it’s requested also in theatre technical assistance is provided.

Engineer – Acciaierie Bertoli Safau spa, Udine (IT)
01/2016 – 11/2016

I was selected in the ABSNext project. In this project 4 young graduate were selected to join the company in a special one-year program. During this year I joined three different department of the factory, getting a comprehensive view of the whole production process. During the first stage I joined the refractory engineering department in the steel mill, in the second stage I joined the internal logistic department and, at the end, the purchase department.

Special Research Student – COLABS, Tohoku University, Sendai (JP)
04/2015 – 09/2015

Tohoku Daigaku is one of the most important university in Japan, it’s the third Imperial University and its Materials Engineering faculty ranks 1st among Japanese Universities.
I worked in the department of metallurgy and materials processing, developing a project about a novel zirconium quasi-alloy for biomedical applications.
The results of my research are promising and further investigations will be carried on in that research laboratory.

Work experience, DhE srl, Follina (TV)
07/2010 – 09/2010

In the time between the end of high school and the beginning of my university studies I have been working for DhE srl, in the products quality management laboratory. My duties were to test incoming and outgoing materials, as well as new product developement.
DhE produces heating elements for industrial and embedded use.

Work experience, DhE srl, Follina (TV)
07/2008 – 09/2008

During my work experience in DhE I worked in all the different sectors of the factory: heat treatments, assembling, finishing.


University of Trento, Materials Engineering
2013 – 2015   (110/110 with honors)

In December 2015 I earned my Masters degree in Materials Engineering summa cum laude (110/110 with honour). The title of my thesis work was “Microstructure, mechanical properties and magnetic susceptibility of  novel zirconium metallic composite for biomedical applications”.

University of Trento, Industrial Engineering
2010 – 2013   (91/110)

In september 2013 I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial engineering. My thesis work was about the mechanical properties of 15-5 PH steel samples produced by Selective Laser Melting technique.

Liceo Scientifico Tecnologico, Montebelluna (TV)
2005 – 2010  (87/100)

During my High School studies I had the possibility to deepen my knowledge in different STEM subjects. In particular I studied math, physics, chemistry, biology, computer programming, design, astronomy and geology.


Development of novel zirconium quasi-alloy with low magnetic susceptibility
04/2015 – 09/2015

The scope of my project was to study the feasibility of a novel zirconium metallic composite produced by Spark Plasma Sintering.
My advisor, Nomura, has been working on Zr binary alloys for several years now, trying to develop a novel material for biomedical applications.
In my project, for the first time, a Zr-Mo quasi-alloy was produced, and its microstructure, mechanical and magnetic properties were studied.

Product design consultancy, DhE srl

During my university studies I kept in contact with DhE srl, where I worked for some months. In particular during the spring and summer of the 2014 I followed the dimensioning of two pressure vessels.
My goal was to optimise the dimensioning of the product. I did it through FEM analysis using the ANSYS simulation software.
Now DhE srl is producing two different commercial products using the design I suggested.

Bachelor’s Degree Thesis

During my thesis studies I worked with a PhD doctor on a project commissioned by a known american company operating in the field of power production, aviation, transportation and healthcare.
We ran several tests on 15-5PH steel produced with SLM to develop a proper heat-treatment sequence to obtain specific mechanical properties. Along with the mechanical properties we studied the microstructural evolution of the alloy.

Language skills and certificates

Tohoku University (Japan)

Six months long international research programme

English level B2

University of Trento, July 2014

Exchange program (New Zealand)

Whangaparaoa College

PET (English level B1)

University of Cambridge, License 0018173554, July 2007

Organization and Volunteer

The American Association for the Advancement of Science



Italian alpine club


Italian bone marrow donor association


Italian blood donor association

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